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Version XIII

Cereal Killer
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Hey there! This is sakitoe's graphics journal that's been up and running for a while now. Most of the graphics you'll find here are icons, but recently I've been finding my love for banners and wallpapers again. A big part of the graphics I make are jrock centered, but you'll find something others from time to time. Mostly from movies and tv-show's I like.

Please feel free to friend this journal if you like what I've done. I always love to get to know new people, even if it is through graphics. ^^

Hope you like the things I've made. Enjoy!! ^_____________^

1. No flaming. I haven't done graphics for that long, so please.. Nobody likes to be flamed.
2. If you decide to use my graphics, please comment and credit them. I don't want to be a total icon nazi, but it would be nice if you did credit them. I actually do appreciate it.
3. I don't accept any editing of my graphics. None of the things I post here are bases/textures etc. unless I specifically say so.
4. Do NOT claim these as your own if asked.
5. Do not hotlink. Me not like that.
6. I'm currently open for requests, but please try to think straight. I can't make 50 wallpapers in one day. Limit your requests to 1-5/request. :)

Feel free to ask anything considering my graphics, I'd be glad to answer. ^_____^